Our solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela

Cuban Chapter of intellectuals, artists and social activists from the net "In Defense of Humanity".

Elections will take place in Venezuela next October 7. That day will decide the fate of a revolution which has taken most of the people in that country out of the marginalization and state of neglect in which they lived, and at the same time has made decisive contributions to Latin American and Caribbean integration and to the process of transformation in this area. Throughout these years, and particularly, during the present electoral campaign, the United States has put into practice in Venezuela the most diverse forms of interference, whether in an open way or through allegedly autonomous entities. At the same time the media, at the service of the internal reaction and imperialist interests, has worked non-stop to damage the image of the Bolivarian revolution and, in particular, the image of its leader, President Hugo Chavez Frias. He has been accused of being antidemocratic, without taking into account that during his administration he has submitted to referendums thirteen times. They have even resorted to some despicable acts associated to his health. Now, they are trying to minimize the legitimacy of the National Electoral Council, to create an atmosphere of distrust around the elections and its results and to set the basis for possible future actions of destabilization. Aware of the importance of this historic moment for Venezuela, Latin America, the Caribbean and the world, we declare our solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution and its president, we demand respect for the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and we call intellectuals, artists and social activists to support this initiative. Cuban Chapter of intellectuals, artists and social activists from the net "In Defense of Humanity". Sitio web con Venezuela bolivariana: http://www.convenezuelabolivariana.org/ Correo para adhesiones: convenezuelabolivariana@gmail.com