Open letter of the board of network Cuba, Germany to US-President Barack OBAMA for CUBA

BERLIN/Germany, May 15, 2012

Dear President Obama,

We understand that you are surrounded by a very aggressive Republican Party, extremely unfriendly tea-party and sensationist corporate media “culture”.
We understand that you have to deal with a very unpleasant and shameful US-history of subversions, aggressions and even terrorist attacks as well as assassination attempts against Cuban people and its leadership.
We understand that you have to struggle for your policies in a country with an extremely narrow field of political parties (almost no Socialdemocrats, no Socialists, no Communists, no Greens with influence), extremely weak labour unions and a very self-centered, selfish and imperial political culture.
We understand that from the very beginning of your Presidency the rightwing exile-Cuban organisations mainly from Florida blocked any step from you vis-à-vis Cuba, as you had promised during your election campaign.
What we cannot understand and will not tolerate is your administration’s continuation of a more than 53 years old scandalous imperialist politics against the sovereign Republic of Cuba.
The latest scandal of your government is that the State Department now lies publicly about the background and the hidden agenda of Alan Gross, who delivered high-tech equipment, which usually is used by CIA/NSA into Cuba (calling the Cuban Five “spies” and Alan Gross an “assistance worker” etc.!). It is not tolerable that your government and its agencies are still trying to subvert and attack Cuba, and are still orchestrating media campaigns and PR-attacks.

We are part of a worldwide movement to support the further self-determined development of Cuba against the interferences of mainly your administration.
· We strongly urge you to change to a civilized politics against your neighbour Cuba.
· We strongly urge you to free the Cuban Five.

Yes, you can!

Kind regards,
Harri Gruenberg & the Board